Key Lime Pie Margarita!

Back home again, for a while. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t excited about coming back to Texas. It felt like Texas was holding us hostage for the first 4 months of our RV life. We were so excited to hit the road at the end of July and didn’t plan on coming back until mid-November, but alas, here we are!

Our RV park has been a pretty big disappointment. One of our neighbors has been quite a pain and the lot is very small with very little grass or space. Still, we’ve enjoyed being here for the transition to fall weather! It started off hot but now it’s very nice out!

We’ve also been able to enjoy the wonderful restaurants in the area again, which cannot be overstated. I also hit up my favorite cigar shop on the planet which is always awesome.

Crys started her treatments which has been a huge relief. There are signs of improvement and we’re trusting in the process. There’s hope!

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